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Name:Disney Town | Disney Castle
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Character Name: Disney Town/Castle
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Appearance: As a location, Disney Town is a fun looking place filled with color and life. There are banners strung everywhere with different colored flags and balloons drift through the breeze. The weather is perfect, the atmosphere is fun, and you can hardly turn around without seeing some shape of a certain mouse everywhere. The streets are clean and wind among very colorful buildings of various shapes and sizes. There are several attractions to experience as well, such as the Raceway, Gizmo Galley, and the Main Plaza. The raceway is obviously where the Rumble Racing takes place and is a very exciting event that provides a scenic tour…if you weren’t trying to beat other racers. Gizmo Galley is a mysterious off set of the main part of town where various pulleys, gears, and elevators move and shift around. Finally, the Main Plaza has several branches where other events can be enjoyed such as Ice Cream Beat with the triplets and Fruitball in a courtyard down the road. With all of these attractions and Disney Castle just a hop, skip, and a jump away, why would you not want to visit Disney Town?

Just past Disney Town is the elegant abode to the king and queen: Disney Castle. It's a magnificent structure with white walls and blue roofs on the towers that twist and tilt at odd angles. It is surrounded by elegant gardens, shaped in a variety of instruments and band players. The interior of the castle is as large as you might suspect with grand hallways and elegant rooms including a library, audience chamber, gummi hangar, and (of course) the room that shields the Cornerstone of Light.

As a personification, Disney Town appears as a young boy with dark curly hair that covers his ears. It’s hard to say, but he may be somewhere between the ages of 13 and 15 with chubby cheeks and dimples, which are almost always visible since he smiles a lot. His skin is dark, the color of mocha, and he has a few ‘Hidden Mickeys’ disguised as freckles and birthmarks on various parts of his body. Disney Town appears usually wearing a blue shirt with the Disney Castle on it and balloons. He wears running shoes that say ‘Rumble Racing’ on the sides in red lettering and he would never be caught dead without his Mickey Mouse ears. His pants are baggy and come with a chain that has the various ice cream flavors of Disney Town represented on them. He also had a yellow watch with several gears on it on his right wrist. Disney Town likes to take human form when he can because you can’t really juggle as a ball of light.

Disney Town has another appearance though, but it does not take this form as often since this side of himself isn't as fun. Disney Town can become older and wiser, however, by focusing on the Disney Castle aspect of himself. The Castle form looks older, taller, and while he is still happy he doesn't smile quite as much as Disney Town. The Castle appears as an older version of Disney Town with the same face and eyes. He wears Mickey Ears still but now a gold crown is added to the mix (similar to the crown Sora receives in some of his forms). Where D-Town looks like a young teenager, Castle appears to be either in his late teens or early twenties with a much more regal air about him. His clothes also change. Aside from now having a crown, the Castle wears a white shirt with gold trim under a blue vest. He has a staff he carries with a representation of the Cornerstone of Light at the end, the staff itself is gold and blue with a base at the other end that is shaped like Mickey's head.

While it is true that at the time of this game Disney Town should be in his Disney Castle aspect, he takes the form of Disney Town in order to try and protect the Castle and the Cornerstone of light. Since Disney Town is like any Town to surround a castle, it is the first line of defense in any situation. Disney Town is also less threatening and less conspicuous, allowing him to potentially figure more out than if he were going around as Disney Castle with the Cornerstone of Light exposed in this unknown environment. Basically it's a defense mechanism.


D-Town is an outgoing sort. He loves a good adventure with lots of fun along the way. If he's not eating ice cream or having a race, you're more than likely to see him tinkering with gadgets or reading a comic book. The personification of the town can just not stay still for long, though he's not necessarily impatient. D-Town is just very energetic and likes to put all of his energy in having fun and making people happy. He enjoys games of all kinds, even games that are associated with "smarts" like word puzzles or chess. He is always looking for the next person to play with and doesn't mind losing as long as everyone is having fun. Don't be surprised, however, if when you challenge him he acts confident about winning. D-Town is very confident in his abilities and while he doesn't boast about them like you might think, he does often have the skills to back it up.

His life isn't all fun and games though. His deeper purpose is just to want to make others smile. He hates seeing people upset or unhappy and he especially hates bullies and those who make others miserable. It's probably why he likes comic books so much: they all have stories about people fighting bullies and those who would make others suffer. As such, D-Town is always willing to help in any way that he can, even if it is just a few kind words here and there. Sometimes he's a bit over-eager to please and it may seem like he's getting in the way, but his heart is always in the right place. Besides, it's hard to stay mad at him with that cheery smile and dimples on his face.

However, that does not mean D-Town is a hard worker. If he thinks something is boring or will be too much work, he will start to slow down. He can even be kind of lazy at times, not wanting to do any hard work or studying. Boring things are just something he would rather avoid and have fun instead. But, if you're his friend, he will come around eventually and work with you. After all, his dream is to one day make as many friends as possible and bring a smile to each and every one of their faces. That's just the kind of kid he is in the end. This dream, unfortunately, can often lead to him being a bit TOO trusting at times, almost gullible to a fault. He hasn't had as much darkness as some of the other worlds out there, given his proximity to the light. However, the darkness is one of his biggest fears, not necessarily because it's THE DARKNESS, but because it could take all of his friends away and leave him utterly alone. D-Town loves being surrounded by noise and excitement and having all of that silence is just too boring and lonely. No thank you.

When Disney Town becomes Disney Castle he becomes much more serious. That is not to say that the fun-loving side is gone, but it is less at the forefront. Disney Castle takes his duties very seriously and approaches things with a regal sort of calm. He is still eager to please his friends, but he knows that duty sometimes comes first and that he must lead people, not just make friends with them. It is a difficult balance to maintain, to be sure. Disney Castle is much more of a hard worker than Disney Town and knows when things need to get done, even if it might not be pleasing to do. However, Disney Castle is just as passionate about protecting others from harm. This is perhaps to an even stronger degree than Disney Town since he is much more likely to fight back. He has a strong sense of the Light in the world, and sees that light shine in most of his subjects. He still enjoys a good game, like Disney Town, but will not be as bouncy about it.

Heart: On his own, D-Town is probably not considered very strong willed on his own. It's when you get the people he cares about involved that his willpower takes on a whole new level of stubborn. D-Town does not stand by bullies or people out to make misery and chaos. He will stand til the end for his friends and fight for them, not himself. D-Town is all about caring for others and protecting them from the Darkness. Deep down, D-Town just wants to spread as much happiness in the universe as he can. He doesn't care who you are or where you come from, he will make sure you leave his presence with a smile. His heart is filled with almost as much light as a Princess of Heart, although every world has its darkness.

Heart Station:

Disney Town's heart station has a focus on the Disney Castle with balloons and colorful flags strung around it. There are images of Rumble Races, Ice Cream, and Fruitball all around the edge, along with a few hidden Mickey Mouse shapes here and there. In the center is an image of D-Town's personified form with a grin on his face and holding a bowl of Double Crunch ice cream, standing behind him is a taller figure with a crown on his head and holding a scepter with the Cornerstone of Light on it, this is his Disney Castle aspect. The station also has most of the Disney characters and citizens in the background. The biggest circles seem to belong to Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy, and Daisy.


As Disney Town

-Best Fruitball player EVER

-Excellent speed and can operate a multitude of vehicles ala Rumble Racing

-Great dancer and singer, if he can drag other people into the song even better.

-Can juggle (likes juggling ice cream to music, but can juggle any number of things really)

-Has some magic. His spells include forms of Blizzard, Balloon, and Cure. He also has a special magic that allows him to summon Fruitballs

As Disney Castle

-Excellent at combat and has much stronger magic potential

-Can use the power of Reflect, Holy, Cure, and Esuna.

-Still a great dancer and singer, likes to whistle while he works.


Disney Town has existed for a long time and is a very peaceful and happy kingdom. Every year there is a wonderful festival called the Dream Festival where one person is awarded the Million Dreams Award. However, this year is proving to be quite difficult as the events are being ruined by attacks from the Unversed. It would seem the town needs some help.

In order to participate in the events you must have a Disney Town Passport and that is how Terra, Ven, and Aqua find themselves at one point or another at this town. The trio participates in the games and events, all eventually running in to Pete as he tries to sabotage or try to help in his own special way. Each of them learns a lesson while having fun at the various games around town.

Once the Unversed threat is taken care of the Town moves on and matures further. Years pass with the Kingdom still in peace, until King Mickey sees the stars going out and decides to go investigate, leaving the land defenseless. Mickey's friends and dog follow him into space and leave Minnie to watch the castle and await for her husband and his friends to restore the worlds.

The world is, thankfully, mostly left alone during this time. It isn't until Pete and Maleficent return and try to mess with the Cornerstone to take over the castle that things go sour for Disney Castle as things are twisted in its past. Eventually, though, the Cornerstone is saved from destruction and the Castle returns to normal. Minnie is left to protect the castle once again and is there to greet her husband and his friends upon his return. Mickey sets about trying to figure out what is wrong with Jiminy's journal and in the process is taken to a data version of the castle. This adventure occurs within the library and leads to Mickey discovering information about Aqua, Terra, and Ven (old visitors to Disney Town) which he then sends on to Sora.

It is because of this that Sora and Riku seek the Mark of Mastery and to further unlock their abilities with their keyblades. Unfortunately, while this is going on Disney Castle is once again attacked by Maleficent and Pete. They kidnap the queen and demand access to the Data Worlds from before. Maleficent is refused by the King and attacks him only to be attacked by Lea who is able to rescue Minnie. This is Mickey's cue that something isn't right and he, Lea, Donald, and Goofy head to the Mysterious Tower to help Sora and Riku.
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